Brand: Vibragenics

Establishes relaxation of the body and mind to enable peaceful and restful sleep.

MSRP: $10.00
Wholesale: $6.00

6 bottle minimum

VIBRAWater™rebalances the natural vibrations of the mind, body and spirit. Created with the proprietary Vibragenics™ process, VIBRAWater™ reestablishes the harmonics of your bodies living systems and supports wellbeing by recreating your perfect order.

VIBRAWater ™is Ph balanced and creates a state of complete electrical homeostasis. It leaves behind the fight or flight and you feel the shift to gentle calm and peacefulness as it vibrates at a cellular level. Be empowered to be all you can be when the sixty trillion cells in your body are turned on and functioning in a balanced state.

Over a period of two and a half decades our research has proven Emoto's quote that water indeed has memory. The issue that has plagued researchers has been how to stabilize the memory and program water through the attributes of its memory then program the cell, which, in turn, can program the body.

Our science has solved this dilemma and uncovered how to remove all previous frequencies from water, get back to the core base of hydrogen and oxygen, then begin to program the base water with life enhancing, stable frequencies. VIBRAWater™ is carefully layered with harmonic frequencies, one octave at a time until a complete electrical homeostatic balance is achieved.

Since the body consists of over 60% water and our blood plasma is 97% water, then water is the ultimate key to creating dramatic shifts in the body.

VIBRAWater™ has been carefully layered with all the frequencies necessary to gently balance the nervous system, assist in achieving a brain wave shift to alpha and therefore allowing you to drop into the deeper states of theta and delta more easily.

When taken at bedtime you will experience a more profound sleep experience and vivid dreams. The body only heals while we sleep, so enhancing the sleep patterns in this way can only help to encourage a greater state of wellbeing.

Ingredients: Arkansas Spring Water prepared using the proprietary Vibragenics™ Process

Suggested use: Saturate the body with one full 16.9 ounce bottle for a minimum of 2-3 days before bedtime. Thereafter, dilute 2 ounces of VIBRAWater™ to 1 gal of distilled or RO water and use as your drinking water from late afternoon until bedtime. For reoccurring fitful sleep, or trouble returning to sleep sip undiluted.

Contra-indications: None known, drinking early in the day may make you tired or drowsy.