Brand: Vibragenics

Neutralizes the energetics of pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites.

MSRP: $12.00
Wholesale: $7.20

6 bottle minimum

Drink VibraClear™ at the first sign of cold or flu, or other types of pathogens that compromise the immune system. You will experience immediate improvement, since the immune vibrations that exist within your natural library of frequencies will be released.

All pathogens have living frequencies and the frequencies are 180° out of phase. (This means an energy pattern or transmission, not unlike a radio, has a pattern to its measurement. This pattern is registered within a 360° energy wave-front. This follows the laws of quantum mechanics; the wave-front pulsates 180° in one direction and 180° in the opposite direction. Pathogens, whether bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic have a vibrational rate that weaves in and out and acts fast or slow with harmonics and sub-harmonics. All frequencies that are out of phase in this way steal your energy.

Pathogens operate at a much lower level of energy than host energy. They also have the ability to hide from the immune system. The vibrations within VibraClear™ are in sync with the natural frequencies within the body and out of sync with the frequencies of the pathogens. As specific vibrations enter the body through the medium of water, the pathogens are destroyed by their own inability to cope with the frequencies out of phase to their own. Since pathogens are not part of your natural vibrational living system they and they alone are targeted by the information contained within VibraClear™. All natural and beneficial bacteria and flora are left in check.

Water is a transfer medium, therefore the most efficient means of detoxifying and clearing pathogens. In fact doctors, very often, will tell you to drink plenty of fluids when ill. It is common knowledge that hydrating the body hastens recovery. VibraClear™ hydrates the body with specific, targeted beneficial frequencies created through the proprietary Vibragenics™ process. Where the water goes, the frequencies go.

VibraClear™ also beats the clock. No need to wait for pills or tonics to make their way through the digestive tract. Since pathogens go deeper the longer they are in the body and create more havoc, speed of treatment is essential. Frequencies carried in the VibraClear™ water create immediate saturation.

Other means of treatment many times contain fillers and binders, often times creating allergic reactions. The liver and kidneys then have to deal with the removal of excess toxins that were added to hold the active ingredients together.

VibraClear™ is in complete harmony with the immune system, quickly enters the body fortifying the blood and rescuing the immune system from the ravages created by disharmonic frequencies. VibraClear™ is a necessary addition to any home pharmacy.

Ingredients: Distilled water infused with 180°, out of phase, pathogenic wave fronts using the proprietary Vibragenics™ process.

Suggested Use: Drink at the first sign of cold/flu symptoms, or any other acute illness; including exposures to others. For acute issues, drink a few ounces immediately and repeat a few times until symptoms have subsided. For chronic issues, drink at least 2 ounces per day for a longer period of time and until symptoms retreat. (If you are highly sensitive, dilute in distilled or reverse osmosis water.)