Brand: Vibragenics

Relief from the energetic patterns that cause pain and inflammation.

MSRP: $30.00
Wholesale: $18.00

VibraEase™ is a safe solution for the relief of the energies that create pain and inflammation. Recent studies have shown that OTC pain medications increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks and we have created a safe and effective alternative through the use of the proprietary Vibragenics™ process.

Pain management is a complicated process, since it involves a number of different areas of nerve stimulation at one time to actually create relief. The layered vibrational frequencies in VibraEase™ help to neutralize the tactile sensation of pain and inflammation. This is accomplished by imprinting the frequencies associated with pain and inflammation 180° degrees out of phase.

VibraEase™ has been infused with powerful frequencies to penetrate deep within the skin. The synergistic action of VibraEase™ immediately goes to work within all the body's vibrational living systems so that relief, without side effects, can be achieved.

Directions for use: Apply to surface area of pain. Repeat as needed.

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade Prunus dulcis infused with the proprietary Vibragenics™ Process.

Contra-Indications: none known