Brand: Vibragenics

VibraPad™ re-establishes neutral balance by removing any signal that may be disharmonic to the body, therefore recreating homeostasis.

MSRP: $150.00
Wholesale: $90.00

VibraPad™, through the proprietary Vibragenics™ process, re-establishes neutral balance to the body. As a result, many causes of pain and stress can be eliminated.

Through the use of complex algorithms and precise technology a very specific energy entropy was created. The minerals and precious metals used in this unique process are of a complex frequency matrix and have been reduced to an alchemic form of fundamental elements.

The particular matrix utilized produces a balanced energy field which contains catabolic energy (+), as well as anabolic (-) energy. Within this balance we have created a material that generates a predominantly negative entropy field. This field ultimately re-balances the life force of the positive and negative frequencies of the body.

The process of rebalancing any signal that is disharmonic can re-establish homeostasis to the energy systems of the body. This results in the reduction in conditions such as stress, pain and inflammation, digestive maladies, hormonal sensitivities, muscle stiffness and many other issues.

The VibraPad™ creates an overall tranquil feeling and nourishes the body in a multitude of ways. Once you have the benefit of using one, you'll never want to be without it.

When heated in a microwave, the energy frequencies emitted work even deeper within the body to sooth and relax.

The VibraPad™ comes with a lifetime warrantee and will be replaced at any time due to damage from normal use and storage.

Ingredients: Carbon based material and natural clay derivatives imprinted with the proprietary Vibragenics™ Process.

Recommended: Use on any part of the body that requires relief. I.E. neck and shoulders for stiffness or headache; or place at base of spine when laying down for over-all body relaxation and rejuvenation.

Contra indications: Not recommended for pregnant women