Scientific Bio-Logics - Liver Support and Heavy Metal Detox

Liver Support

A comprehensive formula supplying specific nutrients and select herbs, such as Milk Thistle and Fringe Tree, that provide liver protection and facilitate detoxification through increased enzyme activity and bile acid production.


This product combines EDTA with a high potency vitamin, mineral and amino acid formula in order to bind and remove toxins from the body while restoring nutrient levels and maintaining blood mineral homeostasis in the body.

Scientific Bio-Logics' combination of Hepata*Trope and ChelationPA is the perfect foundation for any detoxification protocol because of its effective ability to remove toxins, support and protect tissues and organs, and replenish vital nutrients to the body. As toxins accumulate, our bodies may require ingredients that aid in the detoxification process. That is why we offer a highly effective dual combination approach to detoxification which features the liver supporting abilities of Hepata*Trope combined with the heavy metal scavenging properties of ChelationPA. The liver regenerating and free radical scavenging properties of Hepta*Trope are vital during any detoxification protocol but are also essential for daily support against environmental toxins or for individuals who may have impaired liver function from chronic viral infections.

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ChelationPA - 15 Stick Packs

Brand: Scientific Bio-Logics
UPC: 736211569448

ChelationPA combines the heavy metal scavenging properties of EDTA with a potent vitamin, mineral and amino acid formula in order to help replenish vital nutrient levels and maintain proper blood mineral homeostasis in the body. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid derived compound known for its ability to bind heavy metals present in the tissues and help facilitate their removal from the body.

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Hepata*Trope (Lipotrope) - 90 CP

Brand: Scientific Bio-Logics
UPC: 736211569349

In addition to the protective and regenerative properties of the Milk Thistle herb, Scientific Bio-Logics’ Hepata*Trope® formula also combines specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that are targeted for lipid metabolism and optimal liver function. These nutrients aid the liver and gallbladder in the metabolism of lipids and cholesterol. It also helps with the conjugation of hormones such as estradiol.