Vibragnenics™ Explained

Vibragenics™ is a process of energy extrapolation and transfer realized thru an accumulation of research and development using proprietary energy systems. Twenty-five years and five million dollars later, this science has become a reliable and repeatable application. As a result we have formed a complex, multi-use process and incorporated it into a multitude of unique health products within Vibrational Nutrition Research, LLC ( and

Through the process of reverse engineering the energetic systems of the human body and the use of applied mathematics, the Vibragenics™ Process has combined the perfect knowledge of both science and nature.  We at Vibrational Nutrition Research, LLC have perfected the ability to capture all frequencies and have quantified those frequencies with all harmonic vibrations and, in turn, imprint any number of materials and substances with calculated, stable frequencies that therefore have a predetermined outcome.

With the use of our Vibragenics™ process, there is no guessing. Since we precisely read the frequencies of any and all substances, including the frequencies of the human body, our information can be specifically targeted. We know through chemistry that certain herbs or medicinal substances, for example, affect the body in a certain way physically, but the energetic feedback, good or bad, have to date, not been accurately measured by any scientific body.

Supplements are created from organic and inorganic substances, but with no quantified knowledge of the vibrational signature of each substance. Furthermore, these substances are combined without any scientific knowledge of how the signature of each affects the whole, if there is a synergistic effect being created or if the energetic harmonics of such elements have been achieved in any manner to compliment the body.

In other words, nutritional supplements are created with an assumption of how the body will metabolize and utilize them, but with no certainty that this will occur since only the physical aspects have been explored. It is only when the vibrational signature of each substance is accurately read, then mathematical algorithms are created from this data and equations quantified, that the ultimate effect on the body can be succinctly realized.

In science we must go from idea, to measurement, to calibration, to repeatability.
This is exactly what the Vibragenics™ process has achieved. We have focused our resources with the concentrated effort of having a process dedicated to the organic structures of life and the understanding of the total spectrum for all of natures’ processes.

Our research consistently proves that energetic signatures are a key factor and furthermore, that the size of frequencies does not matter, as long as the harmonics are maintained. This means the integrity of energy as information reacts in a predetermined and reproducible outcome, as long as the frequencies remain in a harmonic pattern.

All life is generated from the two energies. The anabolic energies build and the catabolic energies break down. These two energies must be in 100 percent correct proportion to each other to create one Universal life-force.

The Vibragenics™ Process was designed with organic harmonics and life producing protocols. When the two opposing polarities are calculated and created there is a complete understanding and control within the protocol. They explain and demonstrate an absolute value harmonic from both polarities and can be calculated from both positive and negative (cation or anion) energies to form one absolute value that translates into the Universal life-force.

During the many years of research we understood early on a remarkable correlation within organic harmonics. It is all-inclusive and all harmonics are clear through to the full light spectrum. With this perspective, and through an equation driven process, we have come to an absolute conclusion that all organic vibrational energy in its harmony is a light harmonic.

The life force is created from the two opposing forces in creation now becoming one, all equated from vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

In understanding the energy of light and with the understanding that energy is information, then it is understood that light carries information. Light being the harmonic conversion from one spectrum to another spectrum and from the organic perspective, life is the common denominator for all organic vibrations.

Therefore, every condition of life is a condition of light. If light is present then life is present. Our concentrated efforts have been on cellular life measuring and recording the correlations. The cellular existence and condition, good or bad, developed within one equation, one understanding and one harmonic. We have designed and built our equipment in concordance with this knowledge. All measurement and all receivers are calibrated with one Universal life force, with a Universal constant.

Taking this through to the next step, we know that cells communicate through electrical signals, but it had previously not been known how these signals are created. Our research showed that a customized signal is generated before the cell would call for the signal, or have a need for the signal. We found that a completely different cellular matrix would instantaneously generate the frequencies, raise the vibrations, and repair or maintain a different cellular matrix long before any living system sent a signal!

This is totally in sync with our previous work, which showed that a cell must have enough energy to generate a signal, if not it would die. When the cellular energy is spent, another cell of a different cellular living system of harmonics (for example, a cell dedicated to respiration) could call for a signal for a totally different functioning cell to gain a state of cellular homeostasis. And this is before the cell was in need of it! Now we know that through a frequency and vibrational state, cells can correlate and organize themselves.

A cell creates the necessary signal before the controlled cell is stressed, then the benefactor cell increases every frequency through the complete light spectrum. What we were really looking at is truly an amazing phenomenon, cellular consciousness; cells communicating with a harmonic frequency as a language. Something faster than light, a consciousness with a full memory intact. This is what is meant by energy as information, or now information as energy

Cellular memory can be manipulated as long as the harmonics are complete. Damaged cells are completely restored through cellular regeneration with the corresponding matrix of frequencies through the memory properties of the cell.

With the Vibragenics™ process a cell damaged or ravaged with disease can be restored through its memory, if it is given the energy in a complete harmonic structure, according to which living system is diseased or damaged.  All cells will heal and restore themselves if they can remember.

The Vibragenics™ system of health care is a revolutionary process of restoring homeostasis to any and all living systems of the body through pure scientific means. Each product has been carefully tested using rigorous guidelines, over the last twenty-five years. This cutting edge technology will bring us through the twenty-first century with a new understanding of the conscious connection of every aspect of our being.

This constitutes an abbreviated description of the Vibragenics™ process and its evolution. It is in no way a scientific, or “white paper”. More formal documentation will be published at a later date in the appropriate scientific journals.